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Direct Action Everywhere (DxE): Vegan Advocacy is “Harmful to the Animal Rights Movement”

The Modern Animal Movement Rejects Veganism as a Moral Baseline The modern animal movement, which promotes welfare reform and single-issue campaigns, explicitly and uniformly rejects veganism as a moral baseline. There is not a single one of the large “animal advocacy” groups that promotes veganism as a moral imperative. All of the large groups sideline […]


The Vegan Society is a “Proud” Partner With Vivisectors

In August 2014, I wrote an essay about the fact that The Vegan Society in the U.K. had become “corporate partners” with a bank that invested in “sustainable” animal agriculture. Now I write about The Vegan Society joining a campaign being led by a group that promotes vivisection. Here is a page from The Vegan […]


Abolitionist Animal Rights/Abolitionist Veganism: in a Nutshell

The term “abolitionism” applied in the context of animal ethics is largely meaningless because there are people who describe themselves as “abolitionists” who want to see all animal use abolished, those who want to see some but not all animal use abolished, and those who simply want to end some of the “worst abuses” of […]


Peter Singer: “Oh my god, these vegans…”

In the ongoing debate between those who promote the abolitionist approach and those who promote the welfarist approach, some of the welfarists claim that they support veganism so there is, in reality, little difference between the two approaches on the matter of eating and using animal products. To the extent that welfarists support veganism, it […]


When “Intersectional Justice” Means Promoting Meat, Fish, Dairy

The latest organized rejection of veganism as a moral baseline is found in the position of certain people who call themselves “intersectionalists.” In an earlier essay, I discussed how these “intersectionalists” were promoting a brand of moral relativism (at least as far as animals were concerned), and that they were combining this relativism with an […]


Business As Usual: VegfestUK and the Animal Welfare Industry

Last year, 2015, I spoke at two VegfestUK events. I was invited to speak at four in 2016. On January 31, 2016, Tim Barford, the owner of VegfestUK, and Alan V. Lee, Operations and Marketing Manager at VegfestUK, disinvited me from speaking at further VegfestUK events. On February 3, they issued another statement. This essay […]


My Happy Exploitation Label is Better Than Your Happy Exploitation Label

In this article, HSUS happy exploitation czar Paul Shapiro complains that the American Humane Association American Humane Certified Label, which will be on Butterball turkeys this Thanksgiving, is inadequate: Paul Shapiro, vice president for farm-animal protection for the watchdog group Humane Society of the United States, gave an even harsher assessment: “It’s an industry-friendly standard […]


Profile of a Modern “Animal Activist”: Jenna Wogirich

Jenna Woginrich, supposedly a former vegetarian/vegan (she has used both terms), has been aggressively pimping “happy meat” for about five years now. She claims: My beef, after all, wasn’t with beef. It was with how the cow got to my plate in the first place. One way to make sure the animals I ate lived […]


Enabling Animal Exploitation

McDonald’s has announced a new non-vegan vegetarian wrap. And some of the welfarist groups, such as Vegan Outreach, are declaring “Progress for the animals!” Progress? I think not. Think about it: There are, in essence, two groups of people: (1) those who are concerned about animals morally but are continuing to eat animal foods and […]