Dear Colleagues:

I have not yet visited Peaceful Prairie but what I have learned about them so far has impressed me very much. Unlike some other sanctuaries, they do not promote the “happy” meat nonsense and they take a very clear abolitionist position. I plan to visit them in the Spring. In the meantime, I am re-posting an announcement that was placed on their site today.

They need help.
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EMERGENCY Sanctuary Funds Still Needed!

We’d like to update all of our supporters on PPS’s recovery from the back-to-back snow storms and frigid temperatures so far this winter.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to acquire enough Alfalfa hay to feed the goats, sheep, and cows for the rest of the winter. However, the cost of pig, chicken, duck & goose feed has skyrocketed as has the cost of straw and pine shavings used for dry warm bedding. The electricity bills have more than tripled.

Our Barns, fencing and outdoor plumbing took a beating too! The weight of the snow-crushed fences tore gates off of their posts, destroyed north and west facing barn walls, tore entire roof panels off, and froze water spigots and below ground water pipes.

The domino effect of the storms will have us replacing, repairing and paying for the damage for many months to come.

While Colorado Ranchers received local, state and federal aid to feed cattle and keep them alive just long enough to brutally slaughter them, we struggled to keep the PPS residents alive and cared for throughout the unrelenting blizzards and aftermath.

We hope to resume some semblance of normalcy in the coming months, resume our visitor schedule, and get the sanctuary not only back to normal, but – with your help – even better than before.

For those of you who have been so generous with your support through this difficult time, we Thank You.

To all, please continue supporting the sanctuary and our work through your tax deductible donations. Until we are able to welcome visitors back to the sanctuary, you may take a virtual tour by viewing these video links:

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Gary L. Francione
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