THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want it.

I have proposed that we create a virtual billboard.

The purpose of this virtual billboard is to remind us that veganism is OUR choice. We have the ability to say no to violence. We have the ability to affirm the personhood of animals. We have the ability to reject the status of animals as property. We have the ability to say no to speciesism. We have the ability to solve the problem of animal exploitation in the only way it can be solved: by abolishing the demand for animal products.

Here are some banners in multiple languages created by abolitionist Vincent Guihan:

  • Vincent J. Guihan | Multiple Languages
  • Preferred Format:

    THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not want images or designs used in connection with this campaign that convey any negative or violent messages, characterizations, or depictions. Also, please do not use imagery that is not in the public domain or that you do not have permission to use.


    1. Arabic: العالم نباتي اذا كنت تريده
    2. Basque MUNDUA BEGANOA DA ! Hori nahi baduzu.
    3. Bosnian/Croatian: SVIJET JE VEGANSKI! Ako to želite.
    4. Catalan: EL MÓN ÉS VEGAN! Si vostè ho desitja.
    5. Chinese: 一个没有动物产品的世界!如果你想要那样的话。
    6. Czech: SVĚT JE VEGANSKEJ! Když to chceš.
    7. Danish: VERDEN ER VEGANSK! Hvis du ønsker det.
    8. Dutch: DE WERELD IS VEGANISTISCH! Als jij dat wilt.
    9. Esperanto: LA MONDO ESTAS VEGANA! Se vi tiel volos.
    10. Estonian: MAAILM ON VEGAN! Kui sa tahad seda.
    11. Finnish: MAAILMA ON VEGAANI! Jos niin haluat.
    12. Filipino: ANG MUNDO AY VEGAN! Kung gugustuhin natin.
    13. French: LE MONDE EST VÉGANE ! Si vous le voulez.
    14. German: DIE WELT IST VEGAN! Wenn Du es willst.
    15. Greek: Ο ΚΟΣΜΟΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΒΕΓΚΑΝ! Αν εσύ το θέλεις.
    16. Hindi: सारी दुनिया वीगन है! अगर आप चाहो तो।.
    17. Hungarian: A VILÁG VEGÁN! Ha akarod.
    18. Indonesian: DUNIA MENJADI VEGAN! Jika kau mau.
    19. Italian: IL MONDO È VEGAN! Basta volerlo.
    20. Japanese: 世界はビーガンへ!もしあなたがそう願えば。
    21. Korean: 세상은 비건이다! 그대가 원한다면.
    22. Lithuanian: PASAULIS YRA VEGANIŠKAS! Jeigu tu to nori.
    23. Norwegian: VERDEN ER VEGANSK! Hvis du ønsker det.
    24. Polish: ŚWIAT JEST WEGAŃSKI! Jeśli ty tego chcesz.
    25. Portuguese: O MUNDO É VEGANO! Se você quiser.
    26. Romanian: LUMEA ESTE VEGANA. Daca vrei sa fie.
    27. Russian: МИР ЯВЛЯЕТСЯ ВЕГАНСКИМ! Если ты этого хочешь.
    28. Serbian: СВЕТ ЈЕ ВЕГАНСКИ! Ако то желите.
    29. Slovak: SVET JE VEGÁNSKY! Keď to chceš.
    30. Slovenian: SVET JE VEGANSKI! Če si ga želiš.
    31. Spanish: ¡EL MUNDO ES VEGANO! Si lo quieres.
    32. Swedish: VÄRLDEN ÄR VEGANSK! Om du vill det.
    33. Turkish: DÜNYA VEGANDIR! Eğer onu isterseniz.
    34. Ukrainian: СВІТ Є ВЕГАНСЬКИМ! Якщо ти цього бажаєш.
    35. Vietnamese: THẾ GIỚI THUẦN CHAY! Nếu bạn muốn.
    36. Welsh: MAE’R BYD YN FEGANAIDD! Os oes eisiau arnat.

    If anyone has any other designs or translations that they would like to place here, please let us know.

    Abolitionist Designs

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    If anyone has any other designs that they would like to place here, please let us know.

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