Resolution #1 for 2010: Promote Veganism as the Moral Baseline

Dear Colleagues:

Let’s start out 2010 the right way-promoting veganism as a moral baseline. Veganism is not, as some welfarists suggest, the “most” that we can do; it’s the least that we can do if we take animal interests seriously. If we regard nonhumans as moral persons, then we cannot justify eating, wearing, or using them.

I am tired of all of the words, such as “veggie,” “go veg,” “flexitarian,” etc. Those using these words either mean to suggest that vegetarianism is a coherent moral position, which it is not because there is no morally significant distinction between flesh and other animal products, or they try to avoid using “vegan” for fear of being called “absolutists” or “purists” by vegan bashers.

The ever creative Vincent Guihan designed a graphic you might find useful.

THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want it.

Gary L. Francione
©2009 Gary L. Francione