Spanish and Portuguese Versions of Pamphlet Now Available

Dear Colleagues:

We now have available Spanish and Portuguese versions of our pamphlet on the fundamentals of the abolitionist approach to animal rights.

Both versions are provided in U.S. Letter and A4 formats.

You can download the Spanish version here: Letter | A4

You can download the Portuguese version here: Letter | A4

Thanks to Dra. Ana María Aboglio for doing the Spanish translation and to Regina Rheda for doing the Portuguese translation. And ongoing thanks to Randy Sandberg and Barna Mink for their web design work.

Please also remember that our video presentations, Theory of Animal Rights, Animals as Property, Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare, and Animal Law, are all available in Spanish and Portuguese (as well as in French and German).

Stay tuned. More translations are coming. And our podcast is about to be born….

Gary L. Francione
© 2008 Gary L. Francione