Vegan Education Made Easy—Part 3: An Abolitionist Pamphlet

Dear Colleagues:

During the past year, I have received more than a hundred requests to produce a pamphlet that presents the abolitionist approach in an accessible way. So, with production help from Barna Mink and Randy W. Sandberg, Anna Charlton and I created a Tri-Fold pamphlet that we offer to you to facilitate your efforts to educate your family, friends, and community about veganism in a nonviolent and creative way.

Here is what the pamphlet looks like:

You can download the pamphlet by clicking here.

The pamphlet is presently available only in English. We will be providing French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese versions in the near future and we would like to provide it in even more languages later on.

We hope that you find this pamphlet to be useful.

Gary L. Francione
© 2008 Gary L. Francione