A Smart Idea About Community Education

Dear Colleagues:

Elizabeth Collins, an abolitionist advocate and podcaster from New Zealand, shared with me an idea about creative, nonviolent abolitionist vegan education. I pass it along to you.

Elizabeth is in the process of constructing a stall that she will use to provide community education about animal rights and veganism. She wants to use the videos from this site—Theory of Animal Rights, Animals as Property, and Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare—but finds it impractical to take her laptop into the streets. So she is going to print each slide and create albums or “flip books” that will allow people who come to her stall to read relatively brief and accessible presentations about the central ideas of the abolitionist approach. She and her colleagues can answer any questions or provide any desired further discussion. She is also distributing our abolitionist pamphlet and other abolitionist vegan literature.

For those who want to use our videos to do community education on animal rights and veganism but where the videos cannot be projected or shown on a computer, these albums or “flip books” seem to be an excellent solution.

Becoming vegan and educating others about veganism are the most important forms of activism in which you can engage. Share with others the simple idea: Go vegan. It easy, it’s good for your health and the well being of the planet, and, most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

Gary L. Francione
© 2009 Gary L. Francione