Resolution #2 for 2010: Stop Vegan Bashing

Dear Colleagues:

Speciesism occurs when we accord a different weight to a similar interest on the basis of species.

An example of speciesism is vegan bashing. We all agree that human slavery—however “humane”—is morally unjustifiable. But animal slavery—if “humane”—is defended by some so-called animal advocates who characterize veganism as “absolutist” or “purist” or “fundamentalist.” This is speciesist. Nonhuman animals have an interest in not being treated as human resources just as humans have an interest in not being treated as the resources of other humans.

I am an absolutist about human slavery. Human slavery—however “humane”—is not morally justifiable.

I am an absolutist about fundamental human rights. Torture, rape, child molestation, etc.—however “humane”—are not morally justifiable.

I am absolutist about racism, sexism, and heterosexism: I think that all of these forms of discrimination are unacceptable and that we should not promote “humane” versions of discrimination.

I am an absolutist about animal exploitation, which cannot be justified even if “humane” (which it is not in any event because of the property status of animals).

To be vegan is not to be “absolutist” in any way that is different from being an “absolutist” with respect to the fundamental rights of humans.

To maintain otherwise—to engage in vegan bashing—is merely an example of speciesism.

Vincent Guihan has done a terrific design to illustrate the message of this essay.

THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want it

Gary L. Francione
©2009 Gary L. Francione