Commercializing THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want it.

Dear Colleagues:

It has come to my attention that some “animal people” are marketing t-shirts and other items with THE WORLD IS VEGAN! If you want it. They are also attaching our website. They are apparently making a profit doing so.

Please understand that neither I nor this site has anything to do with these efforts and we will not solicit or accept any money for promoting this idea of peace and nonviolence. The use of our URL on these products conveys the false impression that we endorse these products or that we have some connection with them. As we become aware of these situations, we are notifying suppliers.

The point of the virtual billboard campaign was to spread the idea of veganism and our ability to have a vegan world. The idea was not for some “animal people” to turn this into a commercial venture.

If you see any of these products being sold, please contact our site.

Gary L. Francione
©2010 Gary L. Francione