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More Translations of Abolition Pamphlet

Dear Colleagues: We are very pleased to make available four new translations of our Abolitionist Pamphlet: in Dutch, Greek, Japanese, and Norwegian. They are provided in U.S. Letter and A4 formats. You can download the Dutch version here: Letter | A4 You can download the Greek version here: Letter | A4 You can download the […]

Happy Meat and Sexism

Dear Colleagues: Two things came to my attention this morning that really speak volumes about the very sad state of what is referred to as the “animal protection movement.” The first item is an article from The Times of London. The writer, Tessa Williams, proclaims that after 25 years as a vegetarian, she is now […]

I Will Emerge Soon!

Dear Colleagues: I apologize for not publishing new blog essays recently but I am at work trying to finish a new book on animal rights vs. animal welfare. The book, which will be published by Columbia University Press, will be in a “debate” style and will be co-authored with Professor Robert Garner, who is the […]

Spanish and Portuguese Versions of Blog Essays Available

Dear Colleagues: As a result of the efforts of Dra. Ana María Aboglio and Regina Rheda, the blog essays are now available in Spanish and Portuguese. Please also remember that our video presentations, Theory of Animal Rights, Animals as Property, Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare, and Animal Law,, as well as our vegan-abolitionist pamphlet are […]

Another Vegan Pamphlet

Dear Colleagues: Eric Prescott and his colleagues at the Boston Vegan Association have produced an excellent pamphlet on the importance of veganism. When I talk about creative, nonviolent vegan education, this is the sort of thing that I mean. Gary L. Francione © 2008 Gary L. Francione

It Makes the Mind Boggle

The New York Times Magazine (October 26, 2008) has a lengthy article on California’s Proposition 2. I will blog more about this article, which is disturbing on multiple levels. But I could not let a moment more pass without commenting on a statement attributed to HSUS president Wayne Pacelle: “For people who want a vegan […]

Another Terrible California Proposition

Dear Colleagues: It seems as though Proposition 2 is not the only reactionary measure that will be put before California voters next month. Proposition 8, which will eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, will also be on the ballot. In May 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled that limiting marriage to a relationship […]

“These animals are our dear friends”

Dear Colleagues: Earlier today, Anna and I went to Whole Foods. We detest shopping there but we have no choice; our local health food stores have largely disappeared in the wake of chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. On Sundays, there is an outdoor market in the Whole Foods parking lot. Local vendors sell […]

What to Do on Proposition 2?

Dear Colleagues: I am getting a large number of inquiries about whether animal advocates in California should vote for Proposition 2 given that it is already on the ballot. On balance, it is my view that animal advocates should vote against Proposition 2 (or at least abstain from voting on it at all). I base […]

Proposition 2

Dear Colleagues: About.com has published a pro/con on California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, known as “Proposition 2.” I oppose Proposition 2. The Humane Society of the United States is its primary supporter and the About.com piece defending Proposition 2 is written by Paul Shapiro, Senior Director, HSUS Factory Farming Campaign. The essays are […]