Designs for the Virtual Billboard

Dear Colleagues:

Yesterday, I suggested that we have a virtual billboard that we could spread around the world:


If you want it.

So far, I have received two sets of designs in English and I know that there are others being done in foreign languages.

Vincent Guihan, who has two excellent blogs, Animal Emancipation and We Other Animals, has created a set available here.

John Colvin, who maintains the blog John’s Plate, has a great set here.

PLEASE use these in any way you can to spread the message.

Veganism is OUR choice. We have the ability to say no to violence. We have the ability to affirm the personhood of animals. We have the ability to reject the status of animals as property. We have the ability to say no to speciesism. We have the ability to solve the problem of animal exploitation in the only way it can be solved: by abolishing the demand for animal products.

Celebrate peace. Celebrate non-violence. Go vegan.

Gary L. Francione
©2009 Gary L. Francione